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Estland baut Stromspeicher in Sachsen

Während England aus der EU austritt, investiert eine Firma aus dem EU-Mitgliedstaat Estland in Sachsen – dank Geldgebern aus Malaysia und einem Kredit von der Europäischen Investitionsbank. Die estnische Ministerin Urve Palo drückte am Mittwoch in Großröhrsdorf auf den Startknopf einer neuen Produktionsanlage. Von Ministerpräsident Stanislaw Tilllich (CDU) erfuhr sie auf Englisch, dass Sachsen das Land der Ingenieure ist und mit Auto- und Halbleiterfabriken wirbt. Dafür warb die estnische Ministerin für ihr hoch technisiertes Heimatland in ebenso gutem Englisch: In Estland könne vieles elektronisch erledigt werden, und niemand müsse mehr zum Unterschreiben irgendwo hinfahren. Esten und Deutsche seien ähnlich: „We like Ordnung.“ …

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Estonian singers in Kandern, Germany

ADVERTISING RING (PR Association) Kandern CELEBRATES 25th “STÄDTLITAG” (town day)

Estonian singers as guests in Kandern (town near Baden-Baden, Southwest Germany)

The advertising ring has won the men’s choir Tallinn University of Technology for the weekend of 4 and 5 June takes place for the 25th time big event.

Singing has a very great importance in the small Baltic state Estonia. Now the “Kanderner Werbering” takes advantage of it for its anniversary Städtlitag advantage. The advertising ring has won the men’s choir Tallinn University of Technology for the weekend of 4 and 5 June for the 25th time big event. The choir ends its Europe tour with stations likeLondon and Vienna in the pottery town (which is Kandern). The preparation of the event was also the focus of the annual meeting of the advertising ring members. …

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The Craziest Saunas in Europe

This German article by Kira Hanser describes the current sauna scene trends in Germany, FInland and in Estonia:

The craziest saunas in Europe

Naked in the gondola (nacelle). On city tour in a sauna bus. Sweating and baking rolls. In Germany, Finland and Estonia sauna-goers are increasingly entertained. An odd choice.

In Finland there is the first Sauna- nacelle. From outside you cannot peep in. Photo: Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH
In Finland there is the first Sauna- nacelle. From outside you cannot peep in. Photo: Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

The Germans are almost as crazy as the Finnish sauna lovers. 30 million people sweat together regularly – that at least the German Sauna Association says. And they are increasingly demanding.

Therefore, according to the “Guinness Book of World Records,” the world’s largest sauna is consequently not somewhere in Scandinavia, but in Baden-Württemberg’s Sinsheim in Germany.

166,10 square meters – up to 150 people can fit inside. At the same time they can watch Japanese Koi Carps in an aquarium. …

The desire of the Germans for sauna sessions did certainly not remain unnoticed by the Federal Ministry of Finance. Taxes will rise soon. Through higher costs therefore the sauna entry prices could increase by twelve percent.

For this reason people come up with new sauna ideas, so guests may not stay away. …

For example, in Tallinn, the Estonian capital, guests covered in just their bathrobes climb from the hotel  directly into a sauna bus for the nudist city tour. However, the windows are mirrored. …

Gondola with Sauna

And the craziest sauna in the world? This seems to be in Finland. At the Arctic Circle people can sweat at 100 degrees -naked in a gondola.

About 20 minutes the hot ride takes you up the mountain Yllas and back again, just upto four people. For all cases during a power failure, warm clothes and a fire extinguisher are on board.

It is probably the world’s most expensive sauna: 1500 € is the gondola rent for two hours.

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“Unusual Glance at Estonia”

Foreground right: Susanne Jung. — Photo by Anika Meyer, Saarbruecker Zeitung.

Not all of you perhaps may know that there is a small state in Germany, just at the border to France, south of Luxembourg, which is called “Saarland” – Land of the Saar, with reference to the river Saar which runs through this little province.

“Saarbruecker Zeitung”, the main daily, published an article about members of the photo club in Freisen, Saarland, who are exhibiting impressions of their last trip to the Baltic states.

The article however shows only one photo of the exhibition. I may try to find more.

The article mentions pictures of “fairylike little castles, churches all over dressed in gold, rustic estates. Also landscapes: forests, coats, and moors.” … “A kind of drugstore street kiosk full with colourful products up to the very last square centimetre.”

“Great interest among the quite numerous Vernissage visitors the photos of Susanne Jung aroused: Setu-women. Strong dancers of the Setu clan in their traditionallal embroidered tunics and with weighty neck jewelery which crosses the chest. By help of digital processing Jung has set the photos up against a dark background with light on the scene and overlaid with structures so that the impression of a painting is created. “Their pride has impressed me! And their faces. Nothing styled, nothing artificial.” …


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Enercity callers landing in Estonia


„In case of high frequency of calls there is an overflow”, Carlo Kallen, speaker of the energy company Enercity in Hannover, Germany, explains.
Then the customers are landing at an affiliated enterprise in Magdeburg, Germany – or in Estonia’s Võru (15 000 inhabitants).

Many people in Southern Estonia speak German very well.