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Quite a drive…the ice roads of Estonia | euronews, world news

Quite a drive…the ice roads of Estonia | euronews, world news.

The frozen surface of the Baltic Sea might be too slippery a ride for the more nervous motorist but for people living on the islands off Estonia’s coast, ice roads are a lifeline. Authorities hav e created three official routes this year – connecting Saaremaa and Hiiuumaa islands, Vormsi island and the mainland as well as the road across Haapsalu bay. Additional ‘non-official’ roads have been made by islanders. … read more via above link. There is also a short video.

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“Estonia’s Winter of Content”, by Mike Dunphy

Entertaining post by Mike Dunphy in the Huffington Post:

…”Outside, under the winking stars, the beauty of Estonia become plain to see, if you know where to look. You’ll find it in pleasures of the cold and dark when they matter the most — the heat of hot chocolate, the tenderness of the lamb, the steam of the sauna, the softness of a comforter, the pressure of an embrace and the light of the stars. There, the country’s heart beats strongest and once captured, is yours forever. The secret to Estonia is Estonians don’t make friends, they make family. And it feels all the better in winter.”

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