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Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Management 2015-2020 for the City of Tartu


Background (see excerpt below):

… Tartu city also joins the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) – Local Governments for Sustainability and the Aalborg Commitments. Preparatory work to compile a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) for Tartu has already started and this is planned to be submitted in 2014. The Covenant of Mayors is due to be signed in 2013.


  • Average 15-20% reduction of energy consumption in buildings
  • At least 50% of city busses using biogas by 2017
  • Achieve a 50% environmentally friendly public transport fleet
  • 20-25% of all journeys made by bicycle ..

More see link above.

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About Lake Võrtsjärv

Lake Peipsi and Lake Võrtsjärv are large shallow lakes which are situated in Northern Europe and are part of the Baltic Sea basin. The two lakes are connected by the Emajögi river which drains from Lake Võrtsjärv to Lake Peipsi.

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“Soldiers of Odin”

Tom Porter wrote for International Business Times: “The Estonian defence minister warned people not to join the vigilante Soldiers of Odin, after the anti-immigrant group announced plans to hold a torchlit procession through the capital Tallinn.

“Those eager to contribute to the security of the society should side with police voluntary helpers, which stand guard over the values of democratic society, have fulfilled the necessary training and have no criminal past,” Defence Minister Hannes Hanso said, Russia Today reported.” …

Full article:

Comment by Estonia108:

“Soldiers of Odin” should learn Transcendental Meditation and the TM Sidhi-Program – then they could act as a Coherence Creating Group for Estonia generating a real, substantial influence of harmony, integration, peace and strength in the collective consciousness of the country. — Scientific validation:

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“For the protection of Estonia” … and a new Blog

Check it out:

Eesti kaitseks, a Facebook group – with the purpose of informing about the Maharishi Effect and the great value of coherence-creating groups – see

And a new a blog:


“Remain free Estonian sea

Remain free Estonian shore

Storms may blow

But the Estonian heart will not be afraid.”

Eesti Kaitseks means “For the protection of Estonia”.

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The Böckler-Mare-Balticum-Foundation

This article (in German) is about architect Dr. Erich Böckler, 1904 born in Reval/Tallinn, and his wife Lisbeth, born 1907 in Taps, Estonia. They both moved to Bad Homburg, Germany, in the late 1970s and established a foundation ….

Full text:;art48711,1195748

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