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Bookbinding by Peeter Kippik


Luxurious bookbinding in the Art Nouveau style made for the collection of poems (Tartu; 1904) of the Estonian poet Ado Reinvald. The author of the the dark-green morocco binding is an Estonian bookbinding master Peeter Kippik (1880-1925) who worked in Tartu and later owned a bindery in St. Petersburg, Russia. The decoration is in the technique of intarsia and old tooling. The edges are gilt, ornamented and coloured with the enamel, the doublure and the fly leaf are made of moiré silk. The two bookbindings by Peeter Kippik held in the National Library of Estonia are the only known works by this master in Estonia.


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Handelsblatt: Steuererklärung in Estland

Information in English relevant to this article:


„Es sind drei Minuten – im Durchschnitt“

… Auch der estnische Regierungschef Taavi Roivas wurde beim jüngsten Besuch in den USA darauf angesprochen. „Wir haben das System jetzt verbessert. Es sind drei Minuten – im Durchschnitt“, verkündete der 36-Jährige im März in einer US-Fernsehshow. Erledigen könne man die Steuererklärung überall dort, wo es einen Internetzugang gibt. Er selbst habe seine Steuer für 2015 per iPad am Flughafen in Luxemburg abgegeben, erzählte Roivas dem staunenden Moderator. …

…  Einer US-Studie zufolge hat Estland das wettbewerbsfähigste Steuersystem unter allen 34 OECD-Ländern.

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Estonia agrees to accept 200 refugees


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The government in Estonia has agreed to accept 200 refugees in the wake of the EU treaty with Turkey.
Interior Minister Pevkur told the newspaper “Postimees”, now about 20 refugees will come into the country. If the agreement reaches in full, it would again be 150 to 180 people. They are to be relocated as part of the 550 refugees who will be taken by Estonia within two years.


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Estonia gets 7 refugees from Greece

See full article:

Same topic, in a German report: “Sieben Flüchtlinge erreichen Estland”:

English Translation of the intro:

“…Tallinn wants to do its part for the redistribution of refugees in Europe. However, the implementation of the European solution is difficult. Now the first migrants in Estonia arrive.

Chancellor Angela Merkel still believes in a European solution to the refugee crisis. But of 160,000 refugees originating from Greece and Italy 1000 have hardly moved in.

Particularly in Eastern Europe there is resistance. Hungary and Slovakia do not participate even in the distribution plan. Poland swerved after the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Estonia in contrast is committed to European solidarity. The Baltic state, with the area of ​​Lower Saxony (a state in Germany) and with 1.3 million inhabitants as big as Munich (capital of the state Bavaria) will absorb 550 refugees in the next two years. But only now the first refugees from Greece arrive. There are only seven people – a family with three school-aged children from Iraq, a retail merchant from Syria and a journalist from Yemen. …” Read more in German via link above.

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Estnische Sonntagschule „Eigene Wurzeln nicht kappen“

Estonian Sunday school in Frankfurt, Germany: “Don’t cut your own roots”

About 3,000 Estonians are living in Frankfurt. Some of them try to preserve their culture and language in their Sunday school. Theresa Weiss was visiting. …

See article (in German):

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Estnische Kulturtage in Berlin 2016

Der Berliner Estnische Kulturverein wird am 12. März ein Jahr alt. Anlässlich des 1. Geburtstages finden die Estnischen Kulturtage in Berlin statt. … 15. bis 16. April 2016


Translation: The Berlin Estonian Cultural Association becomes one year old on 12 March. On the occasion of the 1st anniversary the Estonian Culture Days will be held in Berlin.

The Culture Days will be held from 15th-16th April 2016.


ACUDkunsthaus studio, Veterans Straße 21, 10119, Berlin

Program and info:

On Facebook:

You are asked to register.