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Bookbinding by Peeter Kippik


Luxurious bookbinding in the Art Nouveau style made for the collection of poems (Tartu; 1904) of the Estonian poet Ado Reinvald. The author of the the dark-green morocco binding is an Estonian bookbinding master Peeter Kippik (1880-1925) who worked in Tartu and later owned a bindery in St. Petersburg, Russia. The decoration is in the technique of intarsia and old tooling. The edges are gilt, ornamented and coloured with the enamel, the doublure and the fly leaf are made of moiré silk. The two bookbindings by Peeter Kippik held in the National Library of Estonia are the only known works by this master in Estonia.


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The Museum of Estonian Architecture

The Museum of Estonian Architecture in Tallinn was established with the goal of collecting, preserving, researching, and acquainting materials that express the formation and development of professional Estonian architecture from the early 20th century through the present day. The Museum’s collection is divided into the archive-, photo-, model-, furniture-, and art collections. The archive collection comprises ca 11,500 items, including city plans, building projects, architectural drawings, as well as photos and manuscript documents.


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Jüri Arrak

Jüri Arrak in 2010 (source: Wikipedia)
Jüri Arrak in 2010 (source: Wikipedia)

Jüri Arrak (born 24 October 1936) is an Estonian artist, a painter whose works with distinguished and recognizable style have won acclaim around the world.
Arrak was born in Tallinn, and graduated from the Estonian State Art Institute. He is a member of the Estonian Artist’s Association and a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.
Arrak’s works are represented in Estonian Museum of Art, Tallinn, Estonia; Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA; New Orleans Museum of Art, USA; Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia and Ludwig Art Museum, Cologne, Germany.


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Estonian rock musicians as CD vendors

Defrage advertises in Limburg
Estonian rock musicians as a CD vendors
05/02/2015 / Nassauische Neue Presse / Germany

(by koe)

If bands want to make themselves known, they go on tour and sell CDs and T-shirtsafter their concerts. But there is another way: The members of the Estonian rock band “Defrage” promoted yesterday in person at the pedestrian zone to new fans.

defragePhoto: From Estonia to Limburg: Manager Alo Puusepp, singer Kari Lindemann and Promoterin Lisette Koster CD of her band “Defrage” present in the pedestrian zone. Photo: Koenig

“Do you speak English?” This question was heard yesterday in the pedestrian zone very often. Because members and supporters of the rock band “Defrage” from the Estonian port city Pärnu sold CDs of their band. This did not happen on a firm booth/stand, but the team of six people spoke directly to the passer-bys.
“The people of Limburg are friendly,” Lisette Koester (19) summarizes her experience in the cathedral city. Because sometimes the reactions of passers fall out less gracious. “We do everything ourselves, have no sponsors or record label,” she says. Finally, the production of the latest album amounted to costs of EUR 13 000. Three cities were approached per day. Everyone on the team has to sell six CDs, then they will go to the next town. In the evening the group wanted to go to Cologne. … Read more (in German) at;art680,1247695

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Small Estonia, large chamber music

Hando Nahkur (piano). Photo by Kaupo Kikkas.
Hando Nahkur (piano). Photo by Kaupo Kikkas.

ULM, Germany

An Estonian evening in the series “Classic!”. Tonight the Prezioso String Quartet and Hando Nahkur are performing in the townhouse. Composer Errki-Sven Tüür is already leading by 19 clock into his work …

To which extent the Prezioso String Quartet feels it has become an ambassador of his country?

HANNA LIIS NAHKUR: “We all come from Estonia and we are always surrounded by the music of our homeland. Yes, we feel as an Estonian ensemble. From a purely geographical viewpoint we are a small country, but in terms of music – a hot spot – especially because Estonia has produced a number of outstanding composers like Erkki-Sven Tüür, Arvo Pärt, Lepo Sumera – just to name a few. And all the speak a musical language all their own. There is nothing comparable in other countries hardly.” …

Full text (in German):;art4329,3015990