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Estonian Legends

You may find this Wikipedia page about Myths of Estonia interesting:


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Estonia beats Uruguay with 2-0

Estonia beats Uruguay with 2-0 the other day in a friendly soccer match.
This was a world sensation.
Search on “Estonia beats Uruguay” on Google delivers over 21.6 million hits from all over the world. Uruguay came number four at the last soccer World Championship and has been World Champion a number of times. They almost made it to the final last time and are recognized as one of the greatest soccer nations in the world.
A friend from Estonia wrote: “I think it can be taken as another  sign of invincibility of 1% nation Estonia (read more on that at this link) along with the numerous top positions, including gold, silver, and bronze medal in various sports in world champinionships and olympics. As formerly mentioned Estonia has been praised for its successful handling of the recession and was accepted as a member of the Euro currency zone this year, while several other applicants were not accepted.”
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Estonian language influenced by German

Because of the long contact between Germany and Estonia – Estonia had been conquered by German monk knights in the 13th century, and after that clerics, merchands and craftsmen came to settle. In this way the Estonian language has taken on many German words. Just a few samples are:  ‚vein‘ („Wein“) wine, „klaver“ („Klavier“) piano, ‚reis‘ („Reise“) voyage, and ‚kunst‘ („Kunst“) art. Modern adaptions from German are ‚reisibüroo‘ („Reisebüro“) traveloffice, and ‚kleit‘ („Kleid“) dress.


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Estonia Coalition Pledges Budget Surplus By 2014, Tax Cuts

Estonia’s ruling coalition, which bolstered its majority in parliamentary elections earlier this month, pledged to achieve a budget surplus by 2014 and cut taxes from 2013.

The Reform Party of Prime Minister Andrus Ansip and the junior coalition party Isamaa ja Res Publica Liit of former Premier Mart Laar plan to “increase the fiscal reliability of Estonia as a destination for new investments and jobs” and to keep the tax system unchanged, according to the draft coalition agreement e-mailed late yesterday.

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Big Lessons From Little Estonia

Andres Aslung thinks that of all the post-Communist countries, none had been more successful regarding its reforms than Estonia. Today it would be difficult to imagine that only 20 years ago Estonia and Russia were republics in the same state. A comparison between Estonia and Russia, which were parts of the the same state just 20 years ago, shows, according to Andres Aslung, what matters for social and economic development.

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