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414,000 journalists work in the EU

The proportion of employees is highest in Estonia and Sweden. Austria is in the middle of the field in Brussels – last year there were 414,000 journalists in the EU.

According to Eurostat data, 18 EU countries, Sweden and Estonia had the highest proportion of journalists (0.5 per cent each of all employees). Slovakia and Poland are at the bottom of the list (0.1 percent each). Austria ranks in midfield with less than 0.3 percent.

Among the 18 countries for which data are available are also Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. In absolute terms, Germany (78,100) had the highest number of journalists, followed by France (50,400), Italy (48,800) and Great Britain (32,200).

According to Eurostat figures, Austria has 9,800 journalists. The number of journalists in the EU countries has increased by 38,000 over the past five years. That’s an increase of ten percent.


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EU refugee pact: Estonia and Lithuania appoint policemen

VILNIUS (AFX) – For the implementation of the refugee pact between the EU and Turkey Lithuania and Estonia have sent police and border guards to Greece. The officials should assist in the repatriation of refugees and migrants to Turkey. Lithuania sent, according to Deputy Interior Minister Arturas Norkevicius a total of 25 officials, Estonia 20 helpers.