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Sofas and beds for the needy in Estonia

Mid November, a “Homecoming”-relief shipping is launched into the Baltic from Elisabethfehn, Germany, again. For 25 years, a group led by Dieter Eberlei organizes the storage and distribution of furniture and household goods.

Sofas, armchairs, chairs, bed frames and bikes were loaded on Friday in Elisabethfehn on a truck aiming Estonia. It was the fourth relief shipping, which was organized by the association “Homecoming” this year. The cargo goes to the 12 000-inhabitants town Haapsalu on the west coast of the Baltic state. There, the truck arrives on Monday.
The donations will go to the needy.

The people in Elisabethfehn work there together with the “Tabitha” mission. Its members ensure that the aid will benefit needy Estonians.

Despite the current refugee situation in Germany, the willingness to donate for Estonia have not abated. Also Eberlei and his wife pass on what they no longer need at home. “All that’s left, is coming here.” It just has to be intact, clean and functional. …


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Ilon Wikland Art Work

Castle & Grandparent's Place Haapsalu Estonia
Castle & Grandparent’s Place Haapsalu Estonia

In 1944 she escaped with the family of a classmate from the second soviet occupation, to Sweden. She is known best for her illustrations to various books by the author Astrid Lindgren, including the popular The Children of Noisy Village. …

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Quite a drive…the ice roads of Estonia | euronews, world news

Quite a drive…the ice roads of Estonia | euronews, world news.

The frozen surface of the Baltic Sea might be too slippery a ride for the more nervous motorist but for people living on the islands off Estonia’s coast, ice roads are a lifeline. Authorities hav e created three official routes this year – connecting Saaremaa and Hiiuumaa islands, Vormsi island and the mainland as well as the road across Haapsalu bay. Additional ‘non-official’ roads have been made by islanders. … read more via above link. There is also a short video.