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“Zu Besuch in der Zukunft” – A Visit Into the Future

Recent article in the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (in German):

Fortschrittliches Estland – Zu Besuch in der Zukunft / Progressive Estonia – A Visit Into the Future

By Marie-Astrid Langer, Tallinn 27.2.2015, 05:30 Uhr

A very interesting, comprehensive report about the e-developments in Estonia since 1999.


At the end of the article you find an overview about the main political parties and their programs. This Sunday elections will take place.

Please use an online translator if necessary.

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Russian Boy in Estonia

After the girl learns that the boy is a tourist from Murmansk she starts to help him out in his language – Russian. Before that she was not willing to communicate since she thought he is a member of the Russian minority in Estonia.

A short video made by Ragnar Tamre. —

My comment: Yes, more coherence is needed – not only in Estonia. In every country of the world. But is has to come from within – spontaneously. However, coherence creating groups are able to radiate this positive effect into the environment. It just needs a certain number of people practising Maharishi’s Vedic technologies of consciousness together in a group. See:

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Sauna Marathon in Estonia

Sauna Marathon in Estonia
“The goal is to survive”
In Estonia, about 1,000 people took part in the sixth European Sauna Marathon. The rules required by the teams of four, along a route to visit any amounts saunas and stay at least three minutes in any sauna.
See video at

Translation from German:

New attendance record for the European spa Marathon

The European Sauna Marathon took place in Estonia for the sixth time. About 1,000 participants represented a record: The rules require to visit  20 saunas along a route and at least three minutes to stop at any sauna.

It seems to be true love which moved the people of Estonia on Sunday – they were hot on the annual European Sauna Marathon, held again in the winter sports center of Estonians in Otepaeae.

About 1,000 participants represented a record: The rules required by the teams of four, along a route to visit any amounts of saunas and at least three minutes to stop at any sauna.

Although there were delays in the icy air because of the crowds, the enthusiasm cooled hardly:
“It is love for the sauna, yes, and if you can find the orientation, then it will be very exciting!”
“It’s a very cool event. Friends meet, a great pastime. It hardens (toughens), because it is cold outside. And when the winter is only short, this is wonderful! ”

Stipp visits in 20 saunas were required in this sixth edition of each team. Extra points were, for example for diving or swimming in an ice hole or in the hot tub. One participant even came from India, many from neighboring countries or from Germany or the United States:

“This is a family reunion that unites us. We can all join together and support each other. And of course, it is also a challenge. The most important thing is, yes, to dive into the ice, but after that you can enjoy a very good feeling, as in this whirlpool.”

“So, the key training for this competition is to just run as fast as possible in the cold to the next hot spot, and again and again without dying. Your goal here is simply to survive. The simple, brutal survival “.

Not only the second infusion of last year, but something very special, among other things: this sauna in a fire truck or that venue in the sauna-disco. The grand prize for the winning team, incidentally, was a brand new hot tub. This should be backed up a hot and cool at the same time preparing for the next time.

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More than 50 Estonian ice fishermen saved from ice floe

Tallinn – More than 50 ice fishermen have been rescued on Lake Peipsi in Estonia from a drifting floe. The men were cut off from the shore on Friday after a piece of ice was broken off the coast.

While some fishermen still could save themselves with a jump, dozens sat upon the ice floe until they were rescued by a hovercraft and brought ashore, the Estonian Radio reported.
With about 3500 square kilometers, this lake which lies along the Russian border is almost seven times as large as Lake Constance in Southern Germany. (SDA)


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The Craziest Saunas in Europe

This German article by Kira Hanser describes the current sauna scene trends in Germany, FInland and in Estonia:

The craziest saunas in Europe

Naked in the gondola (nacelle). On city tour in a sauna bus. Sweating and baking rolls. In Germany, Finland and Estonia sauna-goers are increasingly entertained. An odd choice.

In Finland there is the first Sauna- nacelle. From outside you cannot peep in. Photo: Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH
In Finland there is the first Sauna- nacelle. From outside you cannot peep in. Photo: Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

The Germans are almost as crazy as the Finnish sauna lovers. 30 million people sweat together regularly – that at least the German Sauna Association says. And they are increasingly demanding.

Therefore, according to the “Guinness Book of World Records,” the world’s largest sauna is consequently not somewhere in Scandinavia, but in Baden-Württemberg’s Sinsheim in Germany.

166,10 square meters – up to 150 people can fit inside. At the same time they can watch Japanese Koi Carps in an aquarium. …

The desire of the Germans for sauna sessions did certainly not remain unnoticed by the Federal Ministry of Finance. Taxes will rise soon. Through higher costs therefore the sauna entry prices could increase by twelve percent.

For this reason people come up with new sauna ideas, so guests may not stay away. …

For example, in Tallinn, the Estonian capital, guests covered in just their bathrobes climb from the hotel  directly into a sauna bus for the nudist city tour. However, the windows are mirrored. …

Gondola with Sauna

And the craziest sauna in the world? This seems to be in Finland. At the Arctic Circle people can sweat at 100 degrees -naked in a gondola.

About 20 minutes the hot ride takes you up the mountain Yllas and back again, just upto four people. For all cases during a power failure, warm clothes and a fire extinguisher are on board.

It is probably the world’s most expensive sauna: 1500 € is the gondola rent for two hours.

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