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About Lake Võrtsjärv

Lake Peipsi and Lake Võrtsjärv are large shallow lakes which are situated in Northern Europe and are part of the Baltic Sea basin. The two lakes are connected by the Emajögi river which drains from Lake Võrtsjärv to Lake Peipsi.

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Greip – Vihma Loits;

David Simpson, Creative Consultant and Visual FX,
Lyrics: Tule, tule, õllele, tuulekõnõ, õlle, vii vihma, õllele, Venemaale, õlle, aja huugu, õllele, Harjumaale, õlle, tõuka vihma, õllele, Turjamaale, õlle, saada sagar, õllele, Sõrvemaale, õlle! Näide põllu, õllele, põdemassa, õlle; näide nurme, õllele, närtsimassa, õlle, hainamaada, õllele, hallitamas, õlle. Mine, vihma, õllele, vihu neidä, õlle, mine, huugu, õllele, uha neidä, õlle, nemä musta, õllele, muide siäs, õlle, tõrvaskandu, õllele, tõiste siäs, õlle!

A cappella ansambli Greip esimene muusikavideo filmiti üles 2011. aasta suvel Pärnumaal, Audru ja Koonga vallas kauni loodusega paikades.
Lõpptulemus valmis Inglismaal video režissööri, City College Norwitchi kolledži filmi ja meedia eriala lõpetanud, Teele Killingu käe all.
Helirežisöör – Madis Isand
Vihma Loits – rahvaluule (Rõngu v), viis- Kairi Leivo, seadnud Fred Rõigas/GREIP
Osades: Ansambel Greip & Triin Veli.
“Vihma Loitsu” leiab heliteosena ka ansambli debüütalbumilt “Üks Viis”.

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Sustainable entrepreneurship in Estonia

Back to Nature
Sustainable entrepreneurship in Estonia
Estonia with its pristine wetlands stands as a paradise for rare plants and migratory birds. Organic (BIO) and sustainability have now become a business model. Smart Estonian entrepreneurs show how to preserve this paradise. …

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Water, forests and 20 Aprons

Photo by Elke Backert
Photo by Elke Backert

… Wise are they, the Estonians, or economically or both. The snowshoes they strap under their feet in white winter, they also use in summer for hiking through the swamp landscape in the national park Soomaa. Because, according to hiking guide Aivar, weight distributing then will so good that even a heavyweight person can move over boggy ground and spring by as if on a trampoline. And it’s fun to do so. As a precaution, we also built boardwalks over the marsh, so that everyone can enjoy the scenery. One of the fens the Estonians have chosen as pond, with a wooden ladder helping the boarding. Very clever. …

Full article by Elke Backert in German:

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Quite a drive…the ice roads of Estonia | euronews, world news

Quite a drive…the ice roads of Estonia | euronews, world news.

The frozen surface of the Baltic Sea might be too slippery a ride for the more nervous motorist but for people living on the islands off Estonia’s coast, ice roads are a lifeline. Authorities hav e created three official routes this year – connecting Saaremaa and Hiiuumaa islands, Vormsi island and the mainland as well as the road across Haapsalu bay. Additional ‘non-official’ roads have been made by islanders. … read more via above link. There is also a short video.

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Christmas in Estonia: with mobile phone and ax into the woods

Source: dpa
Source: dpa

Every year during the Advent season many Estonians are drawn into the lonely Estonian forests to cut down their own Christmas tree. According to ancient tradition, every resident of the Baltic country may use the ax or saw on a tree of their choice in public forests for Christmas. The path can also be shown by an app of the State Forestry Administration. Payment is done directly in the forest by mobile phone or in advance via online banking.

“Last year we sold around 8,000 trees ,” Mari – Liis Kitter of the State Forestry Administration says. The price depends on the tree length. Up to one meter high trees cost three euros, for each additional meter, five additional euros are due. Who does not pay his tree and it gets caught, has to pay a penalty. Strict control however is not maintained.  “We are hoping that people are honest, and most are indeed,” says Kitter. In the previous year they had only two “organized Christmas thieves” caught in the act.


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