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Estonia balks at refugee intake

Sabine Adler of Deutschlandfunk writes:

“No European country takes so few refugees as Estonia. 550 people are allowed to come in the next two years. “Too many,” the majority of the population says, according to a recent survey of the University of Tartu. The government is aware of the rejection and says the reason for the little solidarity is the Russian minority.

A quarter of Estonians would like to have no refugees at all in the country. The government, which is aware of this rejection in the population, but also knows the expectations in Berlin and Brussels, justifies so little solidarity by the Russophone minority. Every fourth Estoian has Russian roots. In total 330 000.

Eero Janson from the refugee initiative “Estonian Refugees Council” considers the argument to be put forward as a pretext. “That does not convince me, it is a distraction from the real reason: The problem is not the refugees, because we have hardly any, the real problem is racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia.”

… To this date, there is only one reception center for around 70 refugees in a village called Vao, far from the Estonian capital Tallinn. At beginning of next year a second is scheduled to open. There is no talk about integration, not with the refugees, not with the Russian-born, so Kristi Toodo of Human Rights Centre .
“Estonia wants to be a national state, which consists of Estonians, because so few are of us are Estonians. We have major problems to integrate the Russian-speaking minority. And these are people with similar beliefs. How can that succeed only in individuals from completely other cultures and religions.”…

The refugees do not stay. They go to other countries, where there already are friends or relatives. In Estonia there is no Syrian or Afghan community. And even the smugglers’ routes are not through Estonia.”

Full article (in German):

estonia108: Estonia as every other nation in the world needs more coherence. This will integrate and strengthen the country and will disallow negative influences from inside and outside. Only supportive impulses will be able to enter the nation. For more information about the influence of collective consciousness please refer to

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Sofas and beds for the needy in Estonia

Mid November, a “Homecoming”-relief shipping is launched into the Baltic from Elisabethfehn, Germany, again. For 25 years, a group led by Dieter Eberlei organizes the storage and distribution of furniture and household goods.

Sofas, armchairs, chairs, bed frames and bikes were loaded on Friday in Elisabethfehn on a truck aiming Estonia. It was the fourth relief shipping, which was organized by the association “Homecoming” this year. The cargo goes to the 12 000-inhabitants town Haapsalu on the west coast of the Baltic state. There, the truck arrives on Monday.
The donations will go to the needy.

The people in Elisabethfehn work there together with the “Tabitha” mission. Its members ensure that the aid will benefit needy Estonians.

Despite the current refugee situation in Germany, the willingness to donate for Estonia have not abated. Also Eberlei and his wife pass on what they no longer need at home. “All that’s left, is coming here.” It just has to be intact, clean and functional. …


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The Museum of Estonian Architecture

The Museum of Estonian Architecture in Tallinn was established with the goal of collecting, preserving, researching, and acquainting materials that express the formation and development of professional Estonian architecture from the early 20th century through the present day. The Museum’s collection is divided into the archive-, photo-, model-, furniture-, and art collections. The archive collection comprises ca 11,500 items, including city plans, building projects, architectural drawings, as well as photos and manuscript documents.


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Two interesting articles (in German) about Telliskivi – Creative City – in Tallinn:

Information in English:



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Flight to Tallinn with President Ilves on board makes emergency landing in Berlin

Lufthansa flight LH882 from Frankfurt to Tallinn was forced to make an emergency landing in Berlin with a cracked windscreen. …

On board the plane was Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Toomas Sildam, an adviser to the president, confirmed to ERR. Ilves was on his way back from Switzerland, where he was attending a symposium at the University of Zurich.

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“New, chic and urban”: About TransferWise

Internet platforms such TransferWise make transfers to other countries cheaper.
By Bettina Schulz in

Taavet Hinrikus sneers about the great competitors. “Western Union gets even more than the banks,  which are already more expensive than us,” he says. Hinrikus is Estonian and “we” that is TransferWise, a start-up, which he founded with his business partner Kristo Käärmann four years ago. Based in London, they challenge banks and major payment services, for they are convinced that money can be transferred internationally cheaper than through Western Union or MoneyGram. They are supported by major investors like Sir Richard Branson, the man behind Virgin, or Peter Thiel, who became rich as a funder of PayPal and Facebook. … Read the full article in German: