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About Lake Võrtsjärv

Lake Peipsi and Lake Võrtsjärv are large shallow lakes which are situated in Northern Europe and are part of the Baltic Sea basin. The two lakes are connected by the Emajögi river which drains from Lake Võrtsjärv to Lake Peipsi.

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More than 50 Estonian ice fishermen saved from ice floe

Tallinn – More than 50 ice fishermen have been rescued on Lake Peipsi in Estonia from a drifting floe. The men were cut off from the shore on Friday after a piece of ice was broken off the coast.

While some fishermen still could save themselves with a jump, dozens sat upon the ice floe until they were rescued by a hovercraft and brought ashore, the Estonian Radio reported.
With about 3500 square kilometers, this lake which lies along the Russian border is almost seven times as large as Lake Constance in Southern Germany. (SDA)