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“Unusual Glance at Estonia”

Foreground right: Susanne Jung. — Photo by Anika Meyer, Saarbruecker Zeitung.

Not all of you perhaps may know that there is a small state in Germany, just at the border to France, south of Luxembourg, which is called “Saarland” – Land of the Saar, with reference to the river Saar which runs through this little province.

“Saarbruecker Zeitung”, the main daily, published an article about members of the photo club in Freisen, Saarland, who are exhibiting impressions of their last trip to the Baltic states.

The article however shows only one photo of the exhibition. I may try to find more.

The article mentions pictures of “fairylike little castles, churches all over dressed in gold, rustic estates. Also landscapes: forests, coats, and moors.” … “A kind of drugstore street kiosk full with colourful products up to the very last square centimetre.”

“Great interest among the quite numerous Vernissage visitors the photos of Susanne Jung aroused: Setu-women. Strong dancers of the Setu clan in their traditionallal embroidered tunics and with weighty neck jewelery which crosses the chest. By help of digital processing Jung has set the photos up against a dark background with light on the scene and overlaid with structures so that the impression of a painting is created. “Their pride has impressed me! And their faces. Nothing styled, nothing artificial.” …


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“A Policy of Strength”


Sven Mikser, Defense Secretary of Estonia, demands “a policy of strength” from the side of NATO. See

Estonia however should not depend on any outside forces because the strength of a country lies in the strength, creativity, happiness, and health of each of its citzens. An armour of invinciblity can be created if a few percent of the population of Estonia start to practice Transcendental Meditation. Even less than that is necessary if the TM-Sidhi-Program is practiced together daily in a group. For Estonia, 200 people would be enough – a few school classes, students or unemployed people. Ideally the government of Estonia should provide and maintain such a group. But why wait for the government? Just learn the TM technique yourself, enjoy the tremendous benefits for your own life. Then get together with your friends and create a group and radiate an influence of harmony and positivity for the whole country. This you can call “Policy of Strength”.

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