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Survey among the Russian-speaking population of Estonia

The Estonian Institute for Human Rights and the company Turuuringute AS conducted a survey among the Russian-speaking population of Estonia.

There thousands of people were interviewed between ages 15 – 74. These interesting results came out:

2/3 of the respondents would like to watch an Estonian TV channel in Russian language. The more educated the respondent was, the higher was the agreement.

38% of respondents trust the contemporary Russian mass media in reporting of conflicts, such as the conflict in Ukraine, 33% trust of both the contemporary Russian, as well as the Estonian mass media, although the depiction of events is sometimes contrary. People with a higher salary or selfemployed distrust most of the contemporary Russian mass media.

The proportion of respondents who gives the Estonian mass media more trust than the contemporary Russian, is in all of Estonia 6%, in Ida-Viru in the east of the country 1%.

2/3 of the Russian-speaking respondents do not know the Estonian information world at all.


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Estonia equipping 140 buses with “Alcolocks”

Tallinn, December 19, 2014 – Estonia is will equip vehicles with alcohol interlocks in tenders for public bus transport. Next year, 140 buses are equipped with devices to analyze the alcohol content of the driver’s breath.

It was agreed that alcolocks can make a significant contribution to improving road safety. Regular statistics on alcohol violations are intended to help with specific problems.

Source: ETSC