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Collective ear candy: 150th singing festival in Estonia

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British-Estonian start-up sends robots

Autonomous supply: Starship sends robots to company premises


Photo: At your service: Starship robots are ideal for use on closed areas, such as the vehicles in a pilot project on the Intuit campus in Mountain View. Photo: Starship

The start-up ignites the next stage of its growth strategy and aims to conquer company and campus areas. Deliveries range from food to tools.

At your service: Starship robots are ideal for use on closed areas, such as the vehicles in a pilot project on the Intuit campus in Mountain View. Photo source: Starship

by John Reichel

The British start-up Starship Technologies has announced the start of autonomous deliveries on company and university premises in Europe and the USA. These robot deliveries are intended to support further growth in the delivery of food, and parcels within residential areas. The measure is also intended to herald the large-scale introduction of autonomous delivery services on company and university premises through the use of robots, as the company outlines. The robots offer on-demand deliveries via an app that saves employees from waiting in line for lunch, running errands or transporting goods and equipment between different locations on campus. The robots are housed in specially developed stations on the company premises to enable automatic battery change and the robots to be accommodated in idle mode. The supplier promises that these so-called pods could be designed in such a way that they fit into the architecture of the environment. They are also available in different sizes to accommodate a different number of robots.

A pilot project for use on closed areas has been running on the Intuit campus in Mountain View since 2018. The Starship app allows employees to order food and beverages and have them delivered to all 4.3 hectares of the Intuit campus throughout the day, the provider describes. On average, a robot takes 17 minutes to deliver food, coffee or snacks on campus. The spectrum ranges from foodstuffs to office supplies or tools and spare parts on large factory premises. The most frequent delivery on that are breakfast rolls, so the offerer.

Expansion of the fleet to other campus areas

“Following the positive response to our robots, we plan to dramatically expand our service by 2019 and deploy a thousand more robots on company and university premises around the world,” explained CEO Ahti Heinla of Starship Technologies. The launch of the campus launch is an important milestone in the growth of Starship Technologies and extends the commercial test phases in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and Estonia. The robots developed by the start-up in the technology centre in Tallinn/Estonia have now covered more than 100,000 kilometres in 20 countries and over 100 cities worldwide, affecting over 15 million people. The supplier has set itself the goal of supplying goods locally within a radius of five kilometres and within 15 to 60 minutes with its robot fleet. At the beginning of 2017, the van division of the Daimler Group became a strategic investor in the start-up. Hermes and Domino’s Pizza Service were also testing the robots.

What does that mean?

This step is logical: Using the clever small delivery robots on closed areas such as campuses or company premises makes even more sense than chasing them into the erratic traffic jungle. Pilot projects with Daimler’s van division, in which the delivery robots swarm out of a sprinter and support the delivery driver in the suburbs, are already heading in a similar direction. Less practicable, on the other hand, is autonomous use in the “open field” of the big city, the requirements are too complex, the risk to the devices is too high and acceptance is too low. There is also great potential for the British-Estonian start-up in intralogistics.

Translated with / Edited by Estonia108

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Nordica enters cooperation with Lufthansa via Adria Airways


Photo: Adria-Airways-Jet in Nordica-Design: Codeshare with Lufthansa. / nordica

The Tallinn-Munich route, which is operated by Adria Airways in cooperation with Nordica, started to have a Lufthansa code-share from 27 March 2016. This is a remarkable new step in the route development of Nordica, which significantly enhances travelling possibilities to and from Tallinn.

“Lufthansa is the biggest airline in Europe in terms of passengers and aircraft count. It is therefore a great recognition to have cooperation with them. Even more so, as Lufthansa is the founding member of Star Alliance, the world’s largest global airline alliance, which proves the high quality of Nordica,” said Sven Kukemelk, Executive Director Business Development of Nordica. …

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Estonian singers in Kandern, Germany

ADVERTISING RING (PR Association) Kandern CELEBRATES 25th “STÄDTLITAG” (town day)

Estonian singers as guests in Kandern (town near Baden-Baden, Southwest Germany)

The advertising ring has won the men’s choir Tallinn University of Technology for the weekend of 4 and 5 June takes place for the 25th time big event.

Singing has a very great importance in the small Baltic state Estonia. Now the “Kanderner Werbering” takes advantage of it for its anniversary Städtlitag advantage. The advertising ring has won the men’s choir Tallinn University of Technology for the weekend of 4 and 5 June for the 25th time big event. The choir ends its Europe tour with stations likeLondon and Vienna in the pottery town (which is Kandern). The preparation of the event was also the focus of the annual meeting of the advertising ring members. …

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Estonia gets 7 refugees from Greece

See full article:

Same topic, in a German report: “Sieben Flüchtlinge erreichen Estland”:

English Translation of the intro:

“…Tallinn wants to do its part for the redistribution of refugees in Europe. However, the implementation of the European solution is difficult. Now the first migrants in Estonia arrive.

Chancellor Angela Merkel still believes in a European solution to the refugee crisis. But of 160,000 refugees originating from Greece and Italy 1000 have hardly moved in.

Particularly in Eastern Europe there is resistance. Hungary and Slovakia do not participate even in the distribution plan. Poland swerved after the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Estonia in contrast is committed to European solidarity. The Baltic state, with the area of ​​Lower Saxony (a state in Germany) and with 1.3 million inhabitants as big as Munich (capital of the state Bavaria) will absorb 550 refugees in the next two years. But only now the first refugees from Greece arrive. There are only seven people – a family with three school-aged children from Iraq, a retail merchant from Syria and a journalist from Yemen. …” Read more in German via link above.

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Estonian Airlines closed: now SAS started flights to Tallinn

Following the end of Estonian Airines, SAS is now flying to Tallinn: From the calendar week 47 on from Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen to the Estonian capital. The new daily departures continue to secure Estonia travelers good flight connections. From Stockholm four daily connections are planned to Estonia. From Copenhagen SAS flies three times a day in the future, from Oslo once.