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Vägilased – Linnamäng (2010) 3CD:…

Vägilased Viljandi Pärimusmuusika Festivalil 2010
Pärimusmuusika Aidas 23. juuli 2010

Meelika Hainsoo – vocal, violin
Cätlin Jaago – vocal, jew’s harp, flute, bagpipe
Tiit Kikas – el. violin
Jan Viileberg – guitar
Martin Tärn – bass
Reigo Ahven – drums

The band VÄGILASED (The Mighties) first came together in 2000. Those young, college-trained musicians – graduates from Viljandi Culture Academy – come from diverse backgrounds, their artistry encompassing traditional music, jazz, rock, pop and other forms of expression with apparent ease.

VÄGILASED has a unique sound: their music is based on Estonian traditional music – they play regi-songs, playsongs and older instumental music with arrangements that pass through different genres, blending traditional melodies and rhythms with modern harmonies and styles; merging human voice tones, natural instruments and contemporary soundwaves in which easiness and difficulties, happiness and sadness, new and old way of thinking are mixed.