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Those 12 reasons … why he likes Tallinn

Here is a short summary – in English – of those 12 reasons  – why travel blogger Patrick Hundt likes Tallinn. See post

1. Long summer nights

2. A city with a beach

3. Tallinn is a green city

4. Jogging on the promenade (connecting city and beach)

5. Beautiful inner city

6. No hard selling (nobody pushes you to do shopping)

7. Great viewpoints above the city

8. Attractions (he mentions some)

9. Certain areas for buildings made of wood

10. Concrete blocks from the Soviet era

11. Many coffee shops

12. Comfort and convenience

His website (in German):

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Water, forests and 20 Aprons

Photo by Elke Backert
Photo by Elke Backert

… Wise are they, the Estonians, or economically or both. The snowshoes they strap under their feet in white winter, they also use in summer for hiking through the swamp landscape in the national park Soomaa. Because, according to hiking guide Aivar, weight distributing then will so good that even a heavyweight person can move over boggy ground and spring by as if on a trampoline. And it’s fun to do so. As a precaution, we also built boardwalks over the marsh, so that everyone can enjoy the scenery. One of the fens the Estonians have chosen as pond, with a wooden ladder helping the boarding. Very clever. …

Full article by Elke Backert in German: