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Estonia on top of EU by spending on education

Estonian minister of education Jaak Aaviksoo says that Estonia belongs to the leading EU member states by education spending, writes Postimees.

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Estonian GDP to Grow 5.9% in 2011 on External Demand, OECD Says

Estonia’s economy may expand 5.9 percent this year as increased competitiveness boosts exports, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said.

Gross domestic product is likely to rise 4.7 percent next year as growth becomes more broad based due to increased employment, the OECD said in its May 2011 Economic Outlook released today.

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Doing Business in Estonia

This page shows summary Doing Business 2011 data for Estonia. The first table lists the overall “Ease of Doing Business” rank (out of 183 economies) and the rankings by each topic. The rest of the tables summarize the key indicators for each topic and benchmark against regional and high-income economy (OECD) averages.


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Learn Estonian


Across the globe there are millions of people who can speak English, but only one million speak Estonian. The language is part of the Fenno-Ugric group, related to Finnish and Hungarian. Tallinn University’s summer course in Estonian Language and Culture offers an opportunity to study an unusual and entrancing language, all amongst the backdrop of a well-preserved medieval city. The course aims to familiarize a wide range of international students not only with the Estonian language, but also with the country’s rich culture, history, art and lifestyle.

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