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The Reply of President Ilves

‘Trump Gabbard 2016’, tweeted Ilves saying: ‘Your [sic] the President of Estonia – why in heck are you tweeting in English? Use your own language MATE!’

Ilves replied: ‘”You’re” not “your”. Estonians know English, others don’t generally know Estonian. Quod erat demonstrandum.’
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„International Lectures“: Salzburg goes Baltic

… Österreichische Studierende zieht es vorzugsweise nach Spanien und Frankreich. Die nordischen Länder Schweden und Finnland sind ebenfalls sehr beliebt. Von den rund 4.900 Studierenden, die 2015 einen Erasmus-Studienaufenthalt absolvierten, wagten sich nur rund 70 ins Baltikum. Die Zahlen der vergangenen vier Jahre sind relativ konstant (Estland wählten im vergangenen Jahr 35 Studierende, Litauen 19 und Lettland 13). …

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“Erasmus Plus”

“Erasmus Plus”
Six students of Marianum school on an educational journey in Estonia

“I enjoy myself with everyone so well, I wish I could stay here,” Magdalena summarizes her impressions from Estonia. She is one of six students of Marianum school who last week traveled with students of the same age from Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey and Estonia in the framework of the Erasmus programme of the European Union in the Baltic country. Specifically to Kadrina, a dreamy 500-souls village, about one hour’s drive from the capital Tallin away. For one week, here the young people from different European countries discussed issues such as training, job search and the situation in the labor market.

Meeting point and place of work is the “KadrinaKeskkool” – a hundred-year-old school, very well maintained, clean, tidy and well equipped with the latest technology, common rooms for students and a cafeteria, where the students through eighth grade receive free and very tasty food. They speak excellent English, not least thanks to the movies and TV shows with subtitles – common in such a tiny country.

In the capital Tallinn the Germans were surprised that all residents travel for free on public transport and there is free internet access throughout. “Even at the bus stop, I was asked to log into wifi” said Lina excited.

When visiting the university city of Tartu, students could do experiments themselves in the Science Museum, while in Rakvereein a guide disguised as a monk of the Teutonic Knights imparted informations about the history of the local castle ruins. Students then visited a “Smart House”, a Zero Energy House equipped with the latest technology.

The impressive journey ended with a closing ceremony, designed and performed by an Estonian folk dance group. Until the next encounter – this time in Portugal – the students just have to wait until May, then the group meets in a slightly different composition again. The new theme “opportunities for political influence by young people” they are already preparing. The three-year project entitled “EU-Topia +” is funded by the European Union, which has set itself the task of promoting contacts among young Europeans.



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Merike from Estonia knows Lübeck best

Sweet story from Lübeck, Germany:

It was a sweet surprise for Merike Luts from Estonia, who stays these days on the occasion of a training session of the German Foreign Association in Lübeck. At a lunch with Lübeck hosts, friends and members of the German Foreign Association Dieter Spieß of the association LübeckPartners showed up surprisingly .

He had been recently a guest of the Baltic German Teacher Days in Tallinn and has on this occasion carried out a Lübeck-Quiz, which was very well received. Most Baltic German teachers have come to know and to love Lübeck, as they have attended courses of German Foreign Association in Lübeck – some several times.

Dieter Spieß was surprised by the many good answers he got at his initiative. Merike Luts however none could beat. The sympathetic Estonian was able to answer all questions confidently and therefore received with many appreciative words by Dieter Spieß the first prize, of course connected with marzipan.

estonia108: Marzipan from Lübeck is famous all over the world.


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“For the protection of Estonia” … and a new Blog

Check it out:

Eesti kaitseks, a Facebook group – with the purpose of informing about the Maharishi Effect and the great value of coherence-creating groups – see

And a new a blog:


“Remain free Estonian sea

Remain free Estonian shore

Storms may blow

But the Estonian heart will not be afraid.”

Eesti Kaitseks means “For the protection of Estonia”.

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“Zu Besuch in der Zukunft” – A Visit Into the Future

Recent article in the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (in German):

Fortschrittliches Estland – Zu Besuch in der Zukunft / Progressive Estonia – A Visit Into the Future

By Marie-Astrid Langer, Tallinn 27.2.2015, 05:30 Uhr

A very interesting, comprehensive report about the e-developments in Estonia since 1999.


At the end of the article you find an overview about the main political parties and their programs. This Sunday elections will take place.

Please use an online translator if necessary.

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Russian Boy in Estonia

After the girl learns that the boy is a tourist from Murmansk she starts to help him out in his language – Russian. Before that she was not willing to communicate since she thought he is a member of the Russian minority in Estonia.

A short video made by Ragnar Tamre. —

My comment: Yes, more coherence is needed – not only in Estonia. In every country of the world. But is has to come from within – spontaneously. However, coherence creating groups are able to radiate this positive effect into the environment. It just needs a certain number of people practising Maharishi’s Vedic technologies of consciousness together in a group. See: