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Lüneburg celebrates in Estonia

Viljand, Estonia. Photo by nh/LZ

Lüneburg, the German city, will celebrate in Estonia.

At the 35th International Hanseatic Days, which will be held from 4th June until 7th June in the South-Estonian town of Viljandi, also a delegation of the German city Lüneburg  will participate. Under the leadership of Mayor Ulrich Mädge a six-member Council delegation will travel to Viljandi. In addition to the administrative head of the delegation Petra Güntner for the SPD, Renate Rudolph for the CDU, Susanne Neuhaus for the Greens, will go; Daniel Bruges for the Pirates and Jens Kiesel for pensioners / FDP. In addition, a representative of the new museum and theater will travel, aplus five citizens who will look after the Lüneburg booth at the hanseatic market, the press office of the city informs. Lüneburg is known to be a partner city with Tartu in Estonia.

The lifestyle of the Hanseatic period will infuse the quiet, small town in southern Estonia for four days: Viljandi will become the center of the world of medieval merchants. Visitors from all over Europe will offer a magnificent cultural program of music and dance that takes place on an outdoor stage. In the center, the representations of the Hanseatic towns will build their own booths on a Hanse market and present their respective regions and their specialties. The motto of the International Hansa – “here to be creative” . is cordially inviting the guests to join activily in the celebration.

Viljandi, formerly located Fellin, lies 160 kilometers south of the Estonian capital Tallinn. She has city rights since 1283, and now 18,000 residents. The city is dominated by the rich history, especially the ruins of the medieval fortress is a favorite of locals and visitors. Another attraction is of Lake Viljandi.


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The Craziest Saunas in Europe

This German article by Kira Hanser describes the current sauna scene trends in Germany, FInland and in Estonia:

The craziest saunas in Europe

Naked in the gondola (nacelle). On city tour in a sauna bus. Sweating and baking rolls. In Germany, Finland and Estonia sauna-goers are increasingly entertained. An odd choice.

In Finland there is the first Sauna- nacelle. From outside you cannot peep in. Photo: Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH
In Finland there is the first Sauna- nacelle. From outside you cannot peep in. Photo: Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

The Germans are almost as crazy as the Finnish sauna lovers. 30 million people sweat together regularly – that at least the German Sauna Association says. And they are increasingly demanding.

Therefore, according to the “Guinness Book of World Records,” the world’s largest sauna is consequently not somewhere in Scandinavia, but in Baden-Württemberg’s Sinsheim in Germany.

166,10 square meters – up to 150 people can fit inside. At the same time they can watch Japanese Koi Carps in an aquarium. …

The desire of the Germans for sauna sessions did certainly not remain unnoticed by the Federal Ministry of Finance. Taxes will rise soon. Through higher costs therefore the sauna entry prices could increase by twelve percent.

For this reason people come up with new sauna ideas, so guests may not stay away. …

For example, in Tallinn, the Estonian capital, guests covered in just their bathrobes climb from the hotel  directly into a sauna bus for the nudist city tour. However, the windows are mirrored. …

Gondola with Sauna

And the craziest sauna in the world? This seems to be in Finland. At the Arctic Circle people can sweat at 100 degrees -naked in a gondola.

About 20 minutes the hot ride takes you up the mountain Yllas and back again, just upto four people. For all cases during a power failure, warm clothes and a fire extinguisher are on board.

It is probably the world’s most expensive sauna: 1500 € is the gondola rent for two hours.

Full text:

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Those 12 reasons … why he likes Tallinn

Here is a short summary – in English – of those 12 reasons  – why travel blogger Patrick Hundt likes Tallinn. See post

1. Long summer nights

2. A city with a beach

3. Tallinn is a green city

4. Jogging on the promenade (connecting city and beach)

5. Beautiful inner city

6. No hard selling (nobody pushes you to do shopping)

7. Great viewpoints above the city

8. Attractions (he mentions some)

9. Certain areas for buildings made of wood

10. Concrete blocks from the Soviet era

11. Many coffee shops

12. Comfort and convenience

His website (in German):

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Water, forests and 20 Aprons

Photo by Elke Backert
Photo by Elke Backert

… Wise are they, the Estonians, or economically or both. The snowshoes they strap under their feet in white winter, they also use in summer for hiking through the swamp landscape in the national park Soomaa. Because, according to hiking guide Aivar, weight distributing then will so good that even a heavyweight person can move over boggy ground and spring by as if on a trampoline. And it’s fun to do so. As a precaution, we also built boardwalks over the marsh, so that everyone can enjoy the scenery. One of the fens the Estonians have chosen as pond, with a wooden ladder helping the boarding. Very clever. …

Full article by Elke Backert in German:

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“Estonia’s Winter of Content”, by Mike Dunphy

Entertaining post by Mike Dunphy in the Huffington Post:

…”Outside, under the winking stars, the beauty of Estonia become plain to see, if you know where to look. You’ll find it in pleasures of the cold and dark when they matter the most — the heat of hot chocolate, the tenderness of the lamb, the steam of the sauna, the softness of a comforter, the pressure of an embrace and the light of the stars. There, the country’s heart beats strongest and once captured, is yours forever. The secret to Estonia is Estonians don’t make friends, they make family. And it feels all the better in winter.”

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