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Merike from Estonia knows Lübeck best

Sweet story from Lübeck, Germany:

It was a sweet surprise for Merike Luts from Estonia, who stays these days on the occasion of a training session of the German Foreign Association in Lübeck. At a lunch with Lübeck hosts, friends and members of the German Foreign Association Dieter Spieß of the association LübeckPartners showed up surprisingly .

He had been recently a guest of the Baltic German Teacher Days in Tallinn and has on this occasion carried out a Lübeck-Quiz, which was very well received. Most Baltic German teachers have come to know and to love Lübeck, as they have attended courses of German Foreign Association in Lübeck – some several times.

Dieter Spieß was surprised by the many good answers he got at his initiative. Merike Luts however none could beat. The sympathetic Estonian was able to answer all questions confidently and therefore received with many appreciative words by Dieter Spieß the first prize, of course connected with marzipan.

estonia108: Marzipan from Lübeck is famous all over the world.




I live in Germany.

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