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Lüneburg celebrates in Estonia

Viljand, Estonia. Photo by nh/LZ

Lüneburg, the German city, will celebrate in Estonia.

At the 35th International Hanseatic Days, which will be held from 4th June until 7th June in the South-Estonian town of Viljandi, also a delegation of the German city Lüneburg  will participate. Under the leadership of Mayor Ulrich Mädge a six-member Council delegation will travel to Viljandi. In addition to the administrative head of the delegation Petra Güntner for the SPD, Renate Rudolph for the CDU, Susanne Neuhaus for the Greens, will go; Daniel Bruges for the Pirates and Jens Kiesel for pensioners / FDP. In addition, a representative of the new museum and theater will travel, aplus five citizens who will look after the Lüneburg booth at the hanseatic market, the press office of the city informs. Lüneburg is known to be a partner city with Tartu in Estonia.

The lifestyle of the Hanseatic period will infuse the quiet, small town in southern Estonia for four days: Viljandi will become the center of the world of medieval merchants. Visitors from all over Europe will offer a magnificent cultural program of music and dance that takes place on an outdoor stage. In the center, the representations of the Hanseatic towns will build their own booths on a Hanse market and present their respective regions and their specialties. The motto of the International Hansa – “here to be creative” . is cordially inviting the guests to join activily in the celebration.

Viljandi, formerly located Fellin, lies 160 kilometers south of the Estonian capital Tallinn. She has city rights since 1283, and now 18,000 residents. The city is dominated by the rich history, especially the ruins of the medieval fortress is a favorite of locals and visitors. Another attraction is of Lake Viljandi.




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