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60th Song Contest: Estonia’s representatives

2_5_Elina_Born_Stig_RastaVienna (APA) – Estonia will be represented at the 60th Euro Vision Song Contest in Vienna by the Duo Elina Born and Stig Rästa. The two succeeded at their first joint appearance with the slightly melancholic song “Goodbye to Yesterday” in the preliminary round with a clear 79 percent of the votes against the competition. They will now fight in the 1st semi-final on May 19 for a ticket to the final on 23 May.

Born was previously the Estonian version of the British talent show “Pop Idol”, “Eesti otsib Superstaari” made her famous, where she finished second. Her partner Stig Rästa is already established in Estonia as a singer, songwriter and producer, and went already twice to the final round of the domestic ESC show. As a duo, the two had not yet competed, but Rästa for a number of years is writing the songs for Born – so now “Goodbye to Yesterday”.

The song belongs to the best arranged of this year’s participants and combines jazz band sounds with brisk guitar pop. At the same time Rästa sets a melancholy feeling under the song’s story with the lyrics. “Goodbye to Yesterday” is about a couple that has to deal with the impossibility of its relationship.

(Tiroler Tageszeitung, Austria)



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