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CGI Partners With Estonian Agencies to Develop Innovative Emergency Response System

CGI in collaboration with the IT and Development Center of the
Estonian Ministry of the Interior, the Estonian Emergency Response
Center, the Estonian Rescue Board and the Estonian Health Board has
developed and implemented an innovative emergency response system
designed to dramatically speed up response times and save lives.

At the heart of the system is a user-friendly digital map, located
both in the control rooms of the Estonian Emergency Response Center
and also within rescue vehicles and ambulances. Real time data is fed
in from multiple mobile devices, and the system recommends the most
appropriate resources to respond to the emergency. The map displays
the scene of the incident, the fastest route there and the real time
location of available resources.

With this new system, the government and citizens of Estonia
expect to realize the following benefits:

– Faster identification of emergency scenes
– Faster and more efficient deployment of emergency resources
– More accurate emergency information
– Faster exchange of emergency information among first responders
– Faster arrival at the scene of an emergency
– Accurate geographical overview of emergency scene and assigned first
responders …

Read more at,a4024582.html



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