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Meelis Ojasild, Estonia

Meelis Ojasild, Estonia:

“There is a joke in Estonia, that home is where the bills come,” said the Estonian Meelis Ojasild. Quite at home, the 30-year-old in Munich, however, still does not feel. Only in September last year, he moved here from Tallinn, has finished his studies at the LMU of intercultural communication. He misses his friends, the electronic music scene of Tallinn – “and the long bright nights with sauna and night swimming.” And just as he has yet to make friends with Munich, he is doing with the European idea. “I think we’re still looking for our soul,” says Ojasild. After all, he has already taken responsibility – for the common young, urban culture. Together with the Munich Department of Culture, he has engaged himself for the pan-European event “What the Deal”. mbr/SZ from 22/05/2014

Translated from German. Original article:



I live in Germany.

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