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Usedom Music Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2013 with music by Estonian composers


The Usedom Music Festival will be next year fully in the sign of the musical variety of Estonia. Works of Arvo Pärt, one of the most famous Estonians, have been announced by festival intendant Thomas Hummel during the final concert of the 19th Usedom Music Festival in  the church of  St. Petri in Wolgast, last sunday evening. The Estonian composers Eduard Tubin, whose compositions touch the sound visions of Finnland’s Jean Sibelius, and Cyrillus Kreek are also in the programme of the 20th music festival on the Baltic sea island Usedom, Germany. During the «Singing Revolution» 1988 more than 300.000 Estonians by singing  materialized their independence.

Since 1994 the Usedom Music Festival is dedicated to the Baltic Sea region and each year is placing the musical richness of one of the Baltic states into the centre. This year it had been the music of Russia.




I live in Germany.

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