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Funny: travelling postcard

Photo: Reinnarth

Stefan Günthner, enjoying holidays on the island Ruegen, sent a photo postcard (“Camping on Rügen”) for 45 cents to his father in Euskirchen, Germany. This was in the beginning of August. But the card took  a little detour!
Stefan lives in Freiburg, Germany. His cards to his neighbours arrived in the normal way, but the postcard to his father needed 3 weeks. The 75 year old man was amazed and wanted to know what had happened.

A clear indication was a second post stamp  set at the lower part of the card. Obviously it was from Tallinn – from the „Eesti Post“.  How did the card come to Estonia? Name and address were given correctly.  But son Stefan had done a little joke and wrote below the address the word “Festland” – which in German means “continent” or “mainland”. Stefan was in holiday mood – himself enjoying the island. And the postman obviously read “Estland” – German for Estonia.




I live in Germany.

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