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Switch to euro a ‘success’

Ian Wishart writes for

On 1 January, the Baltic country became the 17th state to adopt the euro. Estonians were able to take out euro banknotes from cash machines (ATMs) within minutes of the changeover.

Officials said that no major problems were reported and nearly all ATMs were able to dispense euro notes within the first hour of 2011. Shops accepted euro cash and card payments on New Year’s Day and banks opened to exchange and dispense cash.

A two-week transitional period gives Estonians a chance to use up their old currency in shops and receive change in euros.

According to the latest figures, most payments in shops in Estonia are still being made in kroons. By the end of 3 January, 30% of cash purchases were carried out solely in euros, up from 20% on the first day after the switchover. The European Commission said this rate of uptake was significantly higher than during previous currency changes.

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